Collaboration Proposals

The following proposals are open to collaboration

Particle Physics (theory and experiment): Feynman@Home

  • France: IN2P3 (see the ACPP Collaboration)
  • Japan: KEK + universities (see the ACPP Collaboration)
  • CERN: the LHC@Home group
Feynman@Home is a new project development based on:
  • The BOINC "Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing" platform
  • GRACE: the automatic computation system for Feynman diagrams developed by Japanese teams
The goal is to provide cross-section calculations and event generators at tree and one-loop level for LHC and ILC physics. It is an hybrid system based on BOINC, on the GRID and local clusters for an efficient CPU/Memory load balancing. (More...)

Being a distributed project, it is worth noting that substantial contributions can be provided by teams located anywhere in the world. It involves particle physics theorists and experimentalists as well as computing scientists. For further information contact DenisPerretGallix

-- DenisPerretGallix - 23 May 2006

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